Software Testing Awards

EuroSTAR Software Testing Award

EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award

The EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award  is the highest honour awarded by the EuroSTAR Community each year.

In 2020, we celebrate 22 years of testing excellence. Our 2020 winner, Maaret Pyhäjärvi, was awarded the prestigious EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award by her peers.

Do you know an exceptional colleague or manager that continually drives improvement in the world of testing? Are they an outstanding individual that should be acclaimed for their achievements in software testing? Consider nominating for next year,s EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award.

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RisingSTAR Award

The Rising STAR award will return in 2021. This award offers expert support, valuable mentorship and recognition to Software Testers whose ideas might benefit the Software Testing Industry.  It is about encouraging new ideas and new contributions to the software testing community.

The RisingSTAR award has practical, tangible benefits: access to mentorship & expertise from Industry Experts known as as ‘The Supporters’, a bursary fund, publicity and a platform at the following year’s EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference.

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Best Tutorial

The Best Tutorial award has been a feature of the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference since 2003. This Award is presented to the speaker from the Programme’s full and half day tutorials who attains the highest score from attending delegates based on the content of their talk and presentation ability. The Best Tutorial Award has been awarded to some of the most notable professionals in the world of software testing including James Whittaker, Erik van Veenendaal and Randall Rice amongst others.

EuroSTAR Best Paper

Each year, conference speakers are invited to submit a paper to accompany their presentation at the conference. These submissions are considered by the Programme Committee for the The Best Paper Award. Since it was first run in 2002, this Award has featured at 11 EuroSTAR Conferences. Former EuroSTAR Programme Chair Zeger van Hese holds the record for most Best Paper Award’s having won it four separate occasions – 2016 (joint winner), 2013, 2009 and 2007.