Best Conference Tutorial

The award for Best Conference Tutorial is presented at the annual EuroSTAR Conference Awards Dinner. This award is voted for by attending delegates with each attendee rating their tutorial speaker on both content and presentation ability. In order to be considered, the tutorial must meet the minimum requirement of 20 completed delegate evaluations qualify to be considered for the award.

The 2020 EuroSTAR Best Tutorial was awarded to Rikard Edgren for his tutorial ‘Think Like a Tester’, presented on Day 1 of EuroSTAR 2020.

How to win it

The highest scoring speaker is announced as the EuroSTAR Best Conference Tutorial for that year, receiving a certificate, and a piece of Irish crystal on the evening. In recent years the winner has also been invited to create a webinar based around the tutorial topic for the wider EuroSTAR audience.

  • Rikard Edgren

    Rikard Edgren (2020)

    Rikard won the award for the 2nd time with his tutorial ‘Think Like a Tester’

  • Rob Lambert (2019)

    Rob won the award for the 2nd time with his tutorial ‘Develop Your Super Power for Work and Life – The Communication Workshop’

  • Mais Tawfik Ashkar (2018)

    The winner for the 2018 conference was Mais Tawfik Ashkar for her tutorial ‘Front-End Web Performance Analysis – Speed-Up Your Performance Testing Feedback’

  • Joost van Wollingen & Ivo de Bruijn (2017)

    Joost & Ivo’s tutorial on Docker for Testers was voted the best tutorial of 2017. In this workshop delegates became familiar with the basic concepts of Docker and how they can use Docker to create iso

  • Fran O'Hara (2016)

    Fran’s tutorial on Metamorphosis: Moving to Agile and staying Agile was voted best tutorial of EuroSTAR 2016. It looked at learning from the experiences of what works and what doesn’t when transitioning t

  • Rob Lambert (2015)

    Rob’s tutorial on Communication Skills For Testers was voted the best tutorial of EuroSTAR 2015. In this tutorial he introduced the basics of communications and how these relate to our work as testers.

  • Rikard Edgren (2014)

    Rikard’s tutorial on Test Strategy was voted the best tutorial of EuroSTAR 2014 and Rikard’s message to the testing community was simple: “If I can win this, so can any of you!”

  • Ian Rowland (2013)

    Independent Consultant, UK

    ‘Thinking Outside the Locks’ – a half-day tutorial presented by Ian Rowland explored non-rational thinking and came with the warning ‘this presentation

  • Alan Richardson & Simon Stewart (2012)

    Independent Consultant & Selenium Project UK

    The Selenium Clinic tutorial was the highest scoring tutorial at EuroSTAR 2012 in Amsterdam and looked at designing and writing automated tests in Seleniu

  • James Whittaker (2011)

    Google, USA

    James Whittaker’s tutorial on ‘How Google Tests Software’ was the most popular tutorial at EuroSTAR 2011 in Manchester and was followed by an eBook on an Introduction to Goo

  • Rob Sabourin (2010)

    AmiBug.com Inc, Canada

    The full-day tutorial ‘Just In Time Testing – Effective Test Strategies’ from Canadian Rob Sabourin won the EuroSTAR Best Tutorial Award in 2010.

  • Naomi Karten (2009)

    Karten Associates, USA

    The winning tutorial in 2009 was one of two presented by Naomi that year. From Panic to Poise: Presentation Skills for Test Professionals was voted best of 14 tutorials in 2009.

  • Randall Rice (2008)

    Rice Consulting Services Inc., USA


  • Iris Pinkster (2007)

    Logica CMG, Netherlands

  • Julie Gardiner (2006)

    QST Consultants, UK

  • Erik van Veenendaal (2005)

    Improve Quality Services, Netherlands

    Erik collected the Best Tutorial Award at the EuroSTAR Conference for the third time in … for his tutorial…

  • James Whittaker (2004)

    Florida Institute of Technology, USA

    ‘How to Break Software: A one Day Course for Jedi Software Testers’ was the best of 16 tutorials delivered at the EuroSTAR Conference in Cologne in 2004.<

  • Tom Gilb (2003)

    Results Planning Ltd., Norway (born USA)

    Tom’s full-day tutorial ‘Extreme / Agile Inspection’ won the Best Tutorial in 2003.

  • Erik van Veenendaal (2002)

    Improve Quality Services, Netherlands

    Erik collected the second of his three Best Tutorial awards in Edinburgh for ‘Test Planning & Strategies’.

  • Lloyd Roden (2001)

    Grove Consultants, UK

    The winner of the Best Tutorial back in 2001 was Lloyd Roden for his tutorial ‘How to Build Effective Test Teams’.

  • Erik van Veenendaal (1999)

    Improve Quality Services, Netherlands

    Erik proudly holds the record for the Best Tutorial Award having collected it on three occasions – the first of which was for a tutorial on ‘Usability Te