Time for your Team to Flourish

This year, we’ve evolved EuroSTAR into a fully interactive online experience! We’re doing things a little differently, but we’re delivering on the EuroSTAR promise: an incredible line-up of testing trailblazers, the testing topics you care about, and a chance for your team to become the best at what they do.

We know that team learning improves performance, productivity, and all-round bonding – so your team can work more efficiently and happily. What else does it mean for your company? Incredible savings.

5-for-4 Offer

Buy 5 tickets for the price of 4

Simply add 5 tickets to your cart and we’ll automatically discount 1 ticket. If you don’t have everyone confirmed yet, you can still book the tickets and add delegate names later.

10-for-7 offer

Buy 10 tickets for the price of 7

A bigger team means a bigger discount! Add 7 tickets to your cart and we’ll automatically discount 3 tickets. If you don’t have everyone confirmed yet, you can still book the tickets and add delegate names later.

If you would like to send more than 10 people to EuroSTAR 2020 Online, we’d be delighted to have you! Contact Fiona in our Community Team.

5 Reasons Your Team Needs to be part of EuroSTAR 2020

1. Bring an open mind, take new perspectives home

Step back from the daily grind and get your team thinking big with inspiring keynotes and workshops hosted by visionary thinkers.  Learn from their successes and failures – our live Q&A sessions means you get to pick their brain and absorb lots of extra knowledge!

2. Make Valuable Connections

It’s easier than ever to make connections that are most relevant to you on our online platform. Chat with like-minded peers, validate your ideas, or change your perspectives. Take a look around the incredible companies at our virtual expo and get the team trying demos of the coolest new tools.

95% of testing teams got valuable knowledge at a EuroSTAR Conference3. Strategise and Share the Learning

Create a ‘divide and conquer’ approach to maximise learnings in sessions and walk away with tons of actionable tactics your team can apply the minute you’re back at your desk. Bonus:  you’ll get access to on-demand sessions after the conference so you can debrief after, and get testing more efficiently.

4. Meet a Global Audience

EuroSTAR Online means your team has a chance to meet and jump into conversations with an even larger audience. Talk it out with those who are in the same boat as you, even if they’re not on the same side of the world – people who tackle the same problems and get just as excited about a solution.

5. Increase Team Bonding

Nurture team building and strengthen your company culture. If your team is keeping ideas in the bottom of a drawer, now is the time to let them flourish!  Learning together in a new space means your team will have the chance to unite and bond, then hit the desk confident and motivated!

Teams who LOVE the EuroSTAR Experience

A selection of the companies that regularly send teams of software testers & QA professionals to the EuroSTAR Conference: