5 Reasons to Attend EuroSTAR

EuroSTAR is an independent, all-inclusive community and since 1993 we’ve gathered testers and quality assurance professionals from all over Europe to connect, learn and test. Every year, we get a little bigger and now – well, we’re thrilled to be the largest, friendliest gathering of testers & QA professionals in Europe.

We couldn’t do it without you, and we can’t wait to bring the testing community together again, September 28-30 2021! Sign up to our database to be the first to know about EuroSTAR 2021.

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1. Connect with a Global Network

At EuroSTAR Online, you can meet and jump into conversations with an even larger testing community! The conference is a melting pot of creative people. Hear new thoughts, validate your ideas, or change your perspectives with people who tackle the same problems – even from the other side of the world! Join speed meets, have 1:1 video chats, community networking, and lots more.

2. Upskill & Sharpen your Knowledge

The EuroSTAR programme is packed with content from Europe’s testing trailblazers. Expert sessions including inspiring keynotes, tutorials and buzzing track talks to get creativity flowing. You’ll walk away with lots of actionable ideas to improve the way you work.

3. Solve your Testing Challenges

Bring your toughest and most complex questions to our testing experts: our community loves a challenge and you’ll connect with peers who have faced similar obstacles – and are just as excited about a solution. Our live Q&A sessions means you can absorb lots of extra knowledge!

4. Explore New Tools & Vendors

Stay on top of what’s coming next in testing tools, try some cool demos, and add new processes to your testing toolkit by getting involved in our virtual expo. It draws some of the biggest companies in the world, armed with all the latest testing tools.

5. Change your Perspective

We are always asking delegates to share their feedback, and here’s one we love: after attending, a delegate decided he was going to ask tougher questions at work – which led to better results and a promotion! You’ll be motivated and ready to put YOUR vision into action at your work.